Monday, June 3, 2013

A Dose of Real, Real Craziness

In case anyone thinks I only post beautiful experiences, let me set the record straight that life is crazy here. As a sample scenario, here’s a peek into our last week. It’s gotten to the point that we just have to laugh. Because, yes, it really is that stressful/insane/unfair, aka real.

It all began last Tuesday...

Last Tuesday: While hosting Bible Study, a member asks if we have any small pets. “No, just the dog, who you can hear whining the entire study. Why do you ask?” “Are you sure? There was just a small animal running by.” We check it out and nothing. No worries. I stayed up later working, just to be visited by a mouse! Twice! Ick, mice!! I refrained from jumping/dancing on our bed to wake up Husby and make him be the big, strong man of the house. Instead, I wrote an urgent note for him to set traps FIRST thing in the morning, which he did.

Wednesday: Come home from work with Lil' O and we caught a mouse! Wow, so gross, I’m still squirming. Made Husby deal with that grossness. I'm not normally a damsel in distress, but figured it was ok to be so every now and again. Mice definitely warrant damsel status in my book.

Thursday: No mice caught…Crazy cleaning to hopefully avoid mouse invasion.

Friday: Still no more mice caught. Getting nervous, though, as droppings continue and bait is eaten clean from traps. There’s never just one mouse I’m told.

Separately, while Husby was walking Knute, doggy got scared and somehow managed to wiggle out of his leash and into the street. All the cars graciously slowed, and Knute was more scared than in danger, but Husby’s adrenaline was pumping when he came home!

Saturday: All hell breaks loose. Lil’ O falls with an empty shampoo bottle in his hands, hits his tooth and now has a tooth bent at a 45* angle inward. A front tooth, classic. One ER visit and a dentist call later, we know it’s stable, but to feed him mush. Gee, thanks.
Aside from the new snaggle tooth and bruised gums (poor lil’ guy!), once Lil’ O had a nap and snack he was acting totally fine. Totally fine! So, we stuck to our plans for a coveted evening out. Parents of the Year Award?

Husby purchased a new mouse trap during the day (before Lil’ O’s tooth incident) and three mice were caught in the evening before we even fell asleep. ICK!! But, yay?

Today/Monday: After tag-stalking the pediatric dentist, who we’re told by our family dentist is the best, we have an appointment for Lil’ O first thing tomorrow. Huzzah!

Come home with Lil’ O after hearing about the great concern they have for him at daycare, and Husby shares that he thinks Knute has an ear infection. Sure enough, pup is squirming and whining if we so much as pet his ear. Great.
Then, in the midst of fact-checking this blog post with Husby, a wine glass falls to its death, shattering into a crazy amount of glass shards and pieces. No joke! Thankfully (?), this isn’t our first rodeo. We’ve done this twice in the past few months. Who knew when my mom called me Eagle Eye as a kid that it was an actual life skill? Not me.

Hopefully, this peek into the craziness has provided a laugh. That’s all we’re doing; there’s no other cure for coping.

Oh, and in the midst of this crazy week, I got promoted last Wednesday. Promoted to VP. Maybe the biggest single promotion of my career. But, it’s cool. We didn’t really celebrate, because we had all of this craziness to deal with. Sigh. It’s not normally like this, and of course parenthood takes precedence and I love it, but sigh.