Welcome to Baby Balance! My name is Erika and I’m mom to an adorable little boy, known here as Lil’ O, who was born in February 2012, and a new little girl, Lil' Chica, born August 2014. Becoming a parent is (obviously) not without challenges and every parent will have their own unique needs to balance life with their precious little ones. I’m learning what does and doesn’t work for me as I balance work, try to keep romance alive with Husby, and aim to maintain relationships that don’t (just) revolve around talk of poop and spit up. My goal is to carve out time for hobbies -- including cooking and dining, entertaining, DIY home projects, and reading -- while still being a top-notch wife and mom. This is a continual work in progress and I'm constantly needing to learn to give myself grace.

I hope this blog serves as inspiration and encouragement for others to also find that unique balance between the awesome job of parent, and their home duties, work life, and personal interests. Try to find a quiet moment among the chaos to sit back, relax, maybe pour some wine, and join me in reflecting on the adventure. 


Note, opinions are my own, but feel free to comment!

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