Friday, June 20, 2014

Preparing for Baby – The Looong Purge

Forward momentum in Operation Big Boy Room was halted due to a leaking pipe dripping onto the ceiling of Lil’ O’s future room. Bah! We had a friend, who is happily also a plumber, come by to fix the offending pipes, but due to their placement in the attic, he had to cut into the ceiling. Attic insulation raining down was not exactly the d├ęcor or vibe I was going for, so the big move for Lil’ O was put on hold.

We were really grateful, though, that this all happened before the big transition. It would have been much more confusing for our little guy if he moved, had to go back to the nursery, and then made the transition a second time to his big boy room. There’s a silver lining in everything and we count our blessings.
Despite this ceiling mishap, my nesting instinct has remained in high gear. I am not to be thwarted from making our home ready for baby’s arrival! Sure, I need to hold on Lil’ O’s new room transition, but there is still so much to be done.

So, I switched gears. In place of moving big items out of our catch-all room so it could become fit for a toddler, I spent the last month (yes, it sadly took that long to get our go-to handyman out for the ceiling fix and some other projects) going through the smaller items, mostly files, that had been languishing and collecting dust. I found old pictures, files from college and a whole host of papers I no longer need. Most files were shredded or went straight to recycling, but there may also be a healthy crop of Throwback Thursday pictures coming soon. ;)

I also spent some time researching how to best organize Lil’ O’s new closet, since I will be keeping half of it for some of my things. Toddler clothes aren’t that big, right? Sigh, we love our house, but getting ready for kiddo #2 is definitely stretching my ability for creative in-home storage. I mourn our lack of a coat or linen closet. If we ever move, we’ll look a bit more closely for those closets.

Stay tuned for the big reveal of Lil’ O’s new big boy bedroom. It’s nearly done and he’s sleeping there already since he was really eager for his big boy bed. He was pretty patient as we waited to get the ceiling fixed, so I can’t blame him for eagerly making the new room his own, despite its lack of finishing touches. His move is also making it easier to prep for Lil’ Chica since I now have late-night access to the nursery. All will be ready soon. Six more weeks until Lil’ Chica is due to meet the world!