Thursday, August 30, 2012


These past two weeks have been a whirlwind! Forgive me as I catch my breath.

After much planning and anticipation two of our dearest friends were married two weekends ago. The wedding and reception were beautiful. Husby was the best man, so *very* involved, leaving me juggling home duties and Lil’ O’s care for the couple weeks, especially the immediate week, leading up to the wedding. No wonder I got sick. Sigh. Thankfully, my MIL and parents helped tons during the wedding weekend so Husby and I could enjoy the festivities, but also keep Lil’ O happy, not too overstimulated and on his daycare/naptime schedule. We did mix it up a bit and bring him to the rehearsal dinner to meet everyone, but I left with him early so he could get to sleep. Lesson learned from leaving that venue: do not carry the 20lb kiddo in his car seat while also wearing high heels. Sore back, strained arms and bruises result. Noted.

Then, last week I had a super crazy work week, which included a quick trip to NYC. The trip was a blast, but also my first time away from Lil’ O. I think I managed ok, but more on that in a future post I’m sure.

So, that’s a quick snapshot of the whirlwind. More soon, but taking this week to get back in the swing of things and recalibrate. Phew!

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