Monday, October 22, 2012

Not to Do List

The past couple weeks have been crazy busy at work and the reason why I’ve been silent across social media, including here on this blog. Sorry to fall off the radar, but something had to give. It actually reminded me of some pearls of wisdom from a women’s church event a couple years ago where I had the privilege of hearing Shauna Niequist speak. She made the excellent point that we can only have it all when we decide what it is that we want and we don’t do all the other stuff. In other words, balance is a choice. Her “not to do” list included things like baking for the bake sale (she said she’d buy the cookies, thanks anyway). That thought that we can’t do everything, but by choosing what we won’t do, we get more of whatever we want, has stayed with me. And, since I am doing my best to prioritize time to do things like play with Lil’ O, spend time with Husby, experiment in the kitchen, write and hone my photography skills, below is my current list of what I’m NOT doing in order to make time for those more important things. Enjoy. 

  • Cook every night – Husby actually does most of our weeknight cooking. Love that man!
  • Pack creative lunches – Instead I tend to prep everything for the week on Sundays, or grab leftovers or a pre-prepared salad each morning before I leave with Lil’ O. Boring, but it’s effective.
  • Make beautiful cakes or baked goods – When I bake, the goal is that it tastes good. Period.
  • Work full time – Crazy weeks aside, I’m slated to work 35 hours/week and love the flexibility and additional time with Lil’ O that affords me. So grateful!
  • Crafts – I love them, but rarely do crafts or DIY projects. Lately I’ve been more focused on taking pix of Lil’ O!
  • Pick up Lil’ O from daycare – I am sometimes on deck to pick up our little man, but usually this goes to Husby since his work schedule more easily allows it.
  • Watch sitcom TV – Husby and I watch some sitcoms together on DVD, but otherwise I’d rather read.
  • Keep up with celebrity news – Honestly I don’t really care. I’d rather keep up on what my friends and family are up to.
  • Go glam daily – Becoming a parent has helped me chill and not be as concerned with what others are thinking about my appearance. I still want to be pulled together, but sometimes it’s nice to forgo full makeup and opt for comfort.

I’m sure there’s more and that this list will and does change with the seasons, but for now that’s what I’m not doing in an attempt to spend more QT with my guys.

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