Monday, April 1, 2013

Dedicating Lil' O

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! Ours was a bit clouded by Husby running a fever and being sick, but we had a wonderful celebration nonetheless. It was just quieter than planned. Still, it was fun seeing Lil’ O “hunt” for eggs at church (he likes the orange ones and doesn’t understand why you’d want more than two since that’s one for each hand), and a wonderful opportunity to reflect on all we’ve been given by God.

For us, that includes Lil’ O. Ever since our little man was born, we've known we didn't create him, God did. Creating another life is altogether too much for a person to do and we give the credit to God. We see ourselves as stewards of Lil' O and know we are truly blessed by him. He is such a joy. Oh, he's plenty of work too, but it’s so incredibly worth it. To cement and declare our decision to bring up our Lil' O in a home that believes in Jesus, we recently had the joy of dedicating Lil' O to God at our church. It was a beautiful opportunity and we’re so grateful to everyone who made it possible and who joined us. Thank you!

The Fam: Grandpa, Meema, Husby, Lil' O, me, Grandma, Sistah, Granddad

(Explanatory Side Note: Many choose to baptize their little ones, and it is a beautiful thing. Our church leaves baptism for adults who have chosen Jesus as their own. Children haven't yet made that decision for themselves, so dedication shows the parents' desire for the child or children. It also serves as a public commitment by the congregation to help the parents raise their little one for Jesus. Hope this helps provide the back story behind this tradition and to our celebration.)


  1. Congratulations! Looking forward to doing this soon with our little one.

    1. Thanks babe! Let us know when the dedication day is set. We'd love to be there!