Saturday, February 22, 2014

Little Man Turns Two

My Lil’ O isn’t so little anymore. Sigh, I’ve had to come to grips that he’s a toddler. Goodness, he’s full on sprinting at this point. But, now, he’s turning TWO. We’ve entered the twos. I won’t call them terrible because Lil’ O is still a sweet joy, but we are noticing that he’s exerting his opinion more. It’s of course frustrating to have him deny dinner or be yelling in the grocery story. Overall, though, it’s also really fun to understand more of what he’s thinking (thanks to his developing language) and see more of his personality shining through. He’s still our sweet, caring little guy, he’s just more and more boy, and less and less baby.

To celebrate the transition to two, we celebrated with family. Husby’s parents came into town, so Lil’ O got lots of time with Meema and G’pa, which was a treat. And, for his actual birthday, Lil’ O donned his “I’m 2!” shirt from his Aunt La and celebrated at daycare alongside his bestie, who is just a day older. We then had my family join us and Husby’s parents for takeout dinner, homemade (from a box) cupcakes and gifts. It was a grand day.

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