Saturday, May 3, 2014

Girls’ Weekend Getaway in San Antonio

Last weekend I ran away and met up with a great friend for a weekend of tourist attractions and relaxation. This was my first time leaving the fam that wasn’t for work, but sometimes staying sane, balanced and happy as a mom necessitates taking a step back. At least, that’s a lesson I’ve been learning. I’m much more patient with my little man when I’ve had some time to myself and feel taken care of. Knowing this and recognizing that I’m soon going to get even less me time thanks to Baby #2, a weekend getaway was sounding ideal. With Husby’s blessing, I connected with one of my best friends from college, who I hadn’t seen since her wedding about five years ago (yikes!) and is also now the mom of a toddler, and we planned our getaway.

The Destination
We decided to meet in the middle to maximize our time together and keep it truly just to us girls. She is in Maryland and I’m in Southern California, so “the middle” truly meant the middle of the country for us. My friend, I’ll call her Babe since that’s her go-to nickname for her gal pals, had really wanted to visit San Antonio, but missed her chance a few years back, so we decided that would be our destination. I’d last visited in middle school with my family and remembered the city fondly, especially the lovely River Walk. Plus, the layout of the city allowed us to stay in the downtown area and walk to nearly all the sites.

The Sites
Before arriving in Texas, it was hard for us to connect by phone thanks to the time difference and our respective work and family demands. So, we each did some research on what we wanted to see while in San Antonio and compared notes the week before we departed. Thankfully, we both mainly wanted to see the tourist attractions downtown. That made it easy.

The one place I wanted to see, but was too far for us to visit during our brief weekend trip is the new San Antonio Culinary Institute of America campus. I love the CIA campus near Napa, so would have loved to see this newest location, but it wasn’t in the cards. Next time I’m in San Antonio perhaps. ;)

Still, we did manage to see the River Walk; the Alamo; Hemisfair Park, including a trip up the Tower of the Americas; La Villita; El Mercado; San Fernando Cathedral; and King William Historic District; mostly traveling by foot, but also including a bus tour around the downtown. We both remarked on how liberating and strange it was to see only what we wanted versus also working in a trip to sites like the Children’s Museum and scheduling around naptimes. Ah, the life of moms! The one glitch in our sightseeing travels, and the reason for some especially festive photos, is that we went to San Antonio in their final week of three-week Fiesta, their biggest party of the year that stretches throughout the city and is supposedly bigger than Mardi Gras in New Orleans. Not exactly what this prego had in mind! But, we made the most of it, both braving and trying to avoid the crowds. So, now we’ve not only experienced San Antonio, but also conquered Fiesta!


The Balance

Me and Babe!
Babe and I were both gone from our families Friday through Sunday, returning in the evening, so we could maximize our time together, not miss too much at home and take off minimal time at our respective works. Because we met in the middle, we had nearly all of Friday afternoon and into the evening to catch up. Then, we had all of Saturday and Sunday morning for sightseeing before we headed to the airport. It was so lovely to have the time to reconnect with my friend and to recharge. Beyond the weekend of fun, since I was traveling solo, I could also do things like indulge in a book during the flight (versus entertain or hold a little one on my lap). It’s the little things. Upon my return home, Husby noted that he thought it was the ideal amount of time, from his perspective, for me to be away. I agree. I got to see explore a new city and reconnect with my friend, but also didn’t feel that I missed all that much at home, especially thanks to numerous texts and pictures throughout the weekend from Husby, or at work. Lil’ O didn’t even seem to mind my absence. He was just a bit extra glad to see me Monday morning.

Success all around. And, ah, we had such fun!

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