Sunday, February 22, 2015

Celebrations: Lil’ Chica’s Baby Dedication & Lil’ O Turns 3

So much to celebrate! We’ve just concluded a jam-packed two weeks of festivities, complete with Grandparent’s Day at Lil’ O’s new preschool, Lil’ Chica’s baby dedication at our church, and all the birthday celebrating we could muster for Lil’ O’s transition to the big three. (I should probably stop calling him a toddler now, hmm?)

G'pa, Lil' O, G'ma and Meema. G'dad behind the lens. Of course.
OH Grands Visit
As they do each winter, Husby’s parents, Meema and G’pa, came to visit, fleeing the Ohio winter and celebrating Lil’ O’s birthday. This time around, since we had lots of advance notice, they extended their trip slightly so they could attend Grandparent’s Day at Lil’ O’s school. They joined my parents, G’ma and G’dad, giving Lil’ O his full cadre of grandparents at his whim for the morning. The program was reportedly a bit long for the preschoolers, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and the special day.

Lil' Chica's Dedication
Taking advantage of having so much of our family in town, mine who thankfully live nearby and Husby's parents visiting, we dedicated Lil’ Chica at our church that weekend. We do this instead of a baptism, dedicating that we will raise this beautiful babe, as best we're able, to know the Lord. It's a wonderful affirmation of community, and I'm so grateful to our church family for adopting Lil' Chica and us as parents in this way.

Photo by Megan, Shortography

Lil' O's Birthday
Finally, the following Friday, Lil’ O turned three. Three!! We celebrated with the extended family at home and also had a fun (and easy!) party at the park. We reserved a covered area with tables that was immediately adjacent to a fun and age-appropriate play structure. The parents could sit down or eat and still keep an eye on their kids. It turned out that most of the dads watched the kiddos and moms, grandparents and friends lounged at our designated spot (near the food). For food, we largely relied on catering this go around. We had Subway subs; some amazing pancit and lumpia, both from a local Vietnamese place; some homemade fruit salad and German-style potato salad; and a cookie cake from Mrs. Fields. All on paper plates for minimal clean up! Everyone loved it. Boom!

Mmmm, cookie cake!!

Lovin' the new-to-us balance bike. Thanks Jay!

So thankful for each of these celebrations and all who joined in our joy.

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