Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 Memories

Oh, wait, I have a blog you say? Yes, sorry about that. Instead of trying to backfill posts from the year to fill you in completely, below are some of my favorite memories from 2013. I still may plug in some more holes, but hope this will suffice for a bit. Overall, the year has been wonderful, though I'm still grappling with the idea that my baby is a bonafide toddler.

February: Lil’ O turned one and was dedicated at church! We hosted a fun, little Lego-themed party, but I think the most memorable part of the party was Lil’ O’s reaction to his first taste of pure sugar. Those cupcakes were amazing, but he showed jaw-unhinging delight. That same weekend, Lil’ O was dedicated at church. It's such a blessing to be part of our church community and share the joy that our little man brings.
May: My lovely sister-in-law married her prince charming! The wedding was beautiful, she was stunning, her groom is a wonderful man, and the couple honored us by not only having Husby and me in the wedding party, but also by inviting Lil’ O to toddle down the aisle. Sadly no pictures of his long walk, but, trust me, it was adorable.
Photo by Christopher Keels
July: Husby got a scholarship and started an MBA program. Nicely done Husby! The beginning of classes wasn’t a big celebration like some of these other 2013 highlights, but it certainly caused some adjustments for our little family. I’ve taken on a bit more around the house, while still working mostly part-time and our puppy, Knute, gets a bit less attention on Mondays. Husby is doing great with his classes and could be done toward the end of 2015. Thanks to some credits applied and six months of classes, his first year is now complete! I'm proud, but clearly his first master’s degree wasn’t enough. Over achiever.

July: This month also marked Husby and my first getaway without Lil’ O. We went to Sonoma and it was beautiful. But, it was also really, really hard to be away. I definitely overestimated my ability there. In hindsight, we should have planned an overnight trip to work up to this sort of thing instead of starting with a four-day, three-night excursion. Delicious food and wine, but lesson learned.

September: My wonderful, caring father-in-law retired after 40 years of ministry, more than 30 of which have been leading the congregation at the church where Husby grew up. He finished well and all of us in the family are so proud of him and constantly learning from the example he sets. Love you G’pa.
Summer/Fall: Lil’ O is talking! Gulp. It started slowly and then something connected. Now, his vocabulary just grows with each new day. Some words are still hilarious and need a Mommy Decoder ring, but overall it’s so helpful to know what’s on his mind. Hint, we hear a lot about trucks. My favorite “word” remains how Lil’ O says spider: spee-oh-wee. Hehe!
October: Halloween costumes were epically adorable this year. Thanks to outfitting by my mom, G’ma, we had hand-knit Gryffindor scarves for our little threesome and Harry Potter glasses for Lil’ O. He made an adorable Harry Potter, and Husby and I tagged along as Ron and Hermione. There was also a crazy cute lion outfit worn earlier in the day. See? Epically adorable.
Spring and Fall: Work trips this year included some quick stops in a couple cities I’d not been before! I got to take a quick spin around the outskirts of Portland and see the California capitol city, Sacramento. Portland was so lush and while in Sacramento, I even got to see a long-lost friend, weeee!

December: Christmas festivities! I’m happy to report that I did much better with my stress levels than last year. It got close a few times, but I successfully planned ahead and started prep in November so we could have family photos; get Christmas cards designed, printed and sent; make adorable DIY ornaments as gifts; request and receive a knitted stocking for Lil’ O from my mom, G’ma; do all my gift shopping; and do a little bit of baking. Whew! Now, I’ll admit a lot of these things were done in the wee hours of the night, but I paced myself and am proud of all I accomplished to make the season festive for my little family, especially considering we left early for Christmas in Ohio with the extended family.
Now, on to 2014! I aim to be a bit better about blogging in the New Year, but have yet to compile my full list of resolutions, so stay tuned. Have a safe and blessed New Year!

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